HOBS Services

Our professionals advise and consult on different needs of Corporates, Institutes, Communities, and Individuals, thereby impart various services to support the respective businesses, products and activities irrespective of geographies and cultures. The different services offered by HOBS are as follows :


"Neither do we restrict our ideas, nor do we confine our passion..... in imparting them to the best use. We don't vend a service which we devise but we deliver the one that you demand. We juxtapose your needs with our ideas, creativity & experiences of our experts; thereby delivering the best results"


+ 100+ Assignments successfully served
k+ 10k+ Lives Impacted through various projects
k+ 50k+ manhours of services delivered

We We Are


[ BORADINCO stands for - BORah group of ADvisory,
INstitutional and COnsulting services ]

HOBS is a self-initiated, motivated professional venture. It marks the creative, innovative, institutional and entrepreneurship debut of a perseverant service group. Keeping in mind the necessities in the field of the flourishing consumer forums and the ever demanding educational sector, HOBS intends to provide a mélange of services and thrives to achieve the best in each field of its work. Untapped resources and potential will find a new dimension through HOBS. Aim is to work in diverse areas through excellence and proficiency.

A dedicated team, well equipped with skills and expertise backs this hive to deliver tailor made services to suit the requirements of the clients, to support the expectations of their stakeholders across. As one of the key focuses, HOBS is motivated to support and contribute to different areas of Educational, Social & Environmental development in India.

We We Are

Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision is best simplified as – we at HoBS visualize ourselves to be a ‘Service Hive’ that supports business ventures, develop entrepreneurships and elevate the institutional/ educational dimensions to newer heights.


Our Mission is to work deliberately across diverse fields, deliver excellence in our multi- dimensional services and think and work ‘out of the box’ to provide the best of the best.

Notice & Updates

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27/12/2019 : HOBS was officially started its operation in the year 2014.....

HOBS was officially started its operation in the year 2014..... We are growing with different services across the years !!

27/12/2019 : Currently we are looking to collaborate with individuals, farms or startups....

Currently we are looking to collaborate with individuals, farms or startups to bring innovative ideas into the table and share expertise to grow in multi dimensional areas....